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U-Link CCTV technology is powered by artificial intelligence. This provides record-breaking accuracy and high speed with face, body, and human action recognition as well as vehicle detection.

We create solutions that help to see the complete picture of the events in real-time and in retrospective. In a split second, they can recognize a person's face in a crowd of thousands, lock the target and track his or her location by the body features between the cameras. The system finds all the frames containing the target of interest from all cameras within the network. Our technology helps create a safe and comfortable urban environment and improve enterprises' security and competitiveness across various industries.

AI solutions

Intelligent search powered by AI:

Intelligent search is a cutting-edge AI function that filters content during a given time window so that users can see only the information they need.


If you ask the system to show you videos from a specific time period only featuring people wearing yellow T-shirts, it will do just that.


Because of this function, investigations can be completed more quickly and with less wasted time spent searching.

Automatic face recognition in images and videos
Face recognition in low-resolution videos and other difficult scenarios (poor lighting, a long distance from a camera, etc.)
Identifying and locating Individuals
Find the right person in a crowd of photos in an instant, or verify that two photos are of the same person.
Recognition of additional features
Gender, age, emotions, glasses, beard, face mask
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